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You work so hard to obtain the things that you enjoy in life so it would be irresponsible of you not to protect them. At Riverina Finance & Insurance Solutions, we have a range of products to help protect the things that you cherish the most so that you can get on with enjoying them. Plus, we will make sure that you have the right cover for your needs.


We offerseveral different types of Motor Vehicle Insurance so you can choose the right level of cover for your needs, including some you probably didn’t think of like:

  • Accidental loss or damage
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Malicious damage
  • Storm damage
  • Fire

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People often underestimate the value of their home & contents, and it’s easy to forget how quickly possessions can accumulate. That’s why it’s essential to speak with someone who has the experience and knowledge to be able to accurately calculate what type of Home & Contents Insurance cover you need.

  • New for old replacement cover
  • Destroyed or Damaged by fire
  • Hailstorm or cyclone
  • Theft or attempted burglary
  • Accidental breakage or damage

Classic Home and Contents Product Disclosure Statement


How often do you think about your current home insurance and what might happen if the unthinkable happens? You may think that your home & contents are covered for when they are destroyed or damaged by fire, hailstorm or even a cyclone. Far too often though people quickly forget how quickly the value of their home can increase and possessions accumulate.

Use the Resilium range of calculators to help you gain an estimate of the real cost of replacing your home & contents, so you don’t get caught out when disaster strikes. We will then be able to assist you with the finer details and make sure you have the right insurance package for your needs.

Home & Contents Calculator Content Calculator


Being a landlord is not easy but at Riverina Finance & Insurance Brokers we can assist in making sure that your investment has the right cover for the unexpected.

  • Loss of rental income
  • Property damage caused by tenants
  • Automatic cover for floods and storms
  • Liability Cover
  • Content items provided for tenants

Investor Home and Contents Product Disclosure Statement


Are you the owner of a residential building that is part of a strata, group, body corporate or community arrangement? If you are, don’t forget you still need insurance to protect your investment.

  • Temporary accommodation for up to 24 months if a unit in your building cannot be lived in due to damage
  • Up to 24 months of unit owner’s rent if a tenanted unit in your building cannot be lived in due to damage
  • Legal liability cover up to $10 million
  • Cost of emergency repairs (up to $1,000) if an insured incident results in loss or damage
  • Reasonable costs of locating leaks in pipes and water containers that are unknown and resulting in permanent damage to your building or Common Contents

Top Strata Residental Product Disclosure Statement 


Owing your very own boat is one of life’s little pleasures. That’s why making sure that your boat is protected against the unpredictable is so important. Our team at Riverina Finance & Insurance Solutions have the expertise to ensure your boat is adequately covered with two options to choose from.

  • Essential Boat Insurance
  • Comprehensive Boat Insurance

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Hitting the road on a driving holiday is the Australian thing to do. So it’s smart thinking to make sure you are covered whilst away from home. Whether it be for a long or short term trip you can feel confident that no matter what comes your way you will be looked after.

  • Access to a claims team 24 hours a day
  • Contents cover up to $500
  • Emergency repairs, travel and accommodation when you are at least 100km away from home
  • No claim discount rating
  • Legal liability for unregistered on-site caravans

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Planning that holiday that you so deserve can be complicated but your Travel Insurance doesn’t need to be. Our team of experts will make sure you have the right cover so that you can focus on living in the moment when on that all important holiday.

  • Overseas, Hospital, medical and emergency dental expenses
  • Re-arranged or cancelled plans due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Loss or stolen cash, luggage and personal effects
  • Replacement cost of lost or stolen travel documents
  • Rental Car Insurance excess if you are responsible for damage to, or theft, of a rental car

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